Noctilucent clouds 23./24.7.2015

Observed phenomena: Noctilucent clouds
Observed NLC forms:

  • I (Veil)
  • IIa (Bands with diffuse, blurred edges)
  • IIIa (Short, straight and narrow streaks)
  • IIIb (Wave-like structure with undulations)
  • IVb ( Simple curve(s) with angular radius of 3 – 5 degrees)
  • IVc (Large-scale whirls)
  • 0 (A form which does not fit into types I – IV)
  • V (A net-like structure)

Brightness of the NLCs: 4 (NLC very bright and attracting the attention of casual observers)

Elevation: ~60°

Date: 23./24.7.2015
Time: 21:05-21:40 UT
Observing place: Ulvila, Finland
Observing method: Photography, visual
Technical information about photographing equipment: Sony Xperia Z1 Compact -smartphone camera

During the night between 23rd and 24th of July very bright noctilucent clouds appeared in the sky of Finland! The NLC’s were visible already before midnight! During the night, I was observing in near town of Ulvila, Western Finland, but clouds interfered severy my observing session. I was taking photos just with my smartphone camera, because the clouds were slowly but surely coming, and I wanted to get at least some photos! The NLC’s were very bright, and they were consisted of all kinds of forms, mainly waves. Despite the clouds, I could observe, that the NLC’s were extending from western sky to east, and their maximum altitude was about 60 degrees.


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