Finnish Deep Sky -meeting 2015

The annual Finnish Deep Sky -meeting was organized this year between 11th and 13th of September at Tähtikallio Observatory Center in village of Artjärvi, Southern Finland. Amount of participants was about 30 persons including one-day visitors. This time only one woman was participating the event. Most of the observing participants were astrophotographers, only 3 sketching visual observers attended the event.

The formal program of the meeting was organized during Saturday 12th of September. The program was quite traditional: the program consisted of observation review from previous observing season, Ursa A.A. Deep Sky -section meeting and the traditional Deep Sky Quiz! Besides this, Toni Veikkolainen was talking about areas of ionized hydrogen within Milky Way and I was giving some observing tips and object suggestions for the 36” Astrofox of Tähtikallio. We were also remembering Juhani Salmi, a prestigeous amateur astronomer who recently passed away in age of 81.

Weather was very favourable for observing during the meeting and we were able to do observing during both nights of the event! This year the 36” Astrofox was in operation, and I with few other people were making visual observing with the telescope. Some of the objects observed were for example: Abell 72, Abell 50 and NGC 7094. The only problem was poor collimation with Astrofox. Because of this, stars were not exactly sharp, but it didn’t stop us observing!

Observing conditions were pretty good in terms of Artjärvi during the meeting. During first night NELM was 6,2 and SQM 21,07 according to my measurements. During the second night conditions were even better: NELM was 6,2 and SQM 21,20.

Group photo of the Finnish Deep Sky Meeting 2015. Photo: Juha Ojanperä.
Group photo of the Finnish Deep Sky Meeting 2015. Photo: Juha Ojanperä.

My observations during the meeting:


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