Thoughts about November 2015

Time is flying! And I have been extremely busy! I just realized, that I hadn’t posted anything in my blog in two months, and I totally missed October!

Reason for this is, that  now I’m in a new life situation, and I have been working and educating myself very intensively during this November. I just haven’t had any energy left to do anything after working days and sitting evenings in classroom.

In October I was doing something quite interesting and special, but more about that later!

This November has ben quite crappy month, at least astronomy-wise. It has been mostly cloudy and rainy, at least here in southern Finland. But we had the first snow of this winter also here in Southern Finland! It lasted four days, from 21st to 24th of November! But after that it all melted away, and it has been about 5 degrees above zero and it has been dark, rainy, cloudy and miserable.

So I have something coming up, just keep on visiting my blog!

Photographic evidence of occurrence of snow in Ulvila, Western Finland on 23rd of November 2015.

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