Observing 19th/20th of October 2015

Date: 19./20.10.2015
Time: 23:00-00:10
Observing site: Friitala, Ulvila, Finland
Instrument: N250/1200mm (10” Newton)

NELM: 6.2
SQM: 20.73-20.76
Darkness of the background sky: 3
Seeing: 2
Transparency: –
Weather: Clear sky, humid air, calm, +1C

Objects observed: NGC 1027, 7139

I had just arrived from my observing trip from Tenerife, but I still had energy for observing. This time I was observing in my Friitala observing place with 10” Newton. During the night I observed only two objects. Conditions were typical for Finland considering the time of year, it was cold and humid, temperature was barely above freezing. Condensing of humidity to optical surfaces was a pain in the ass as usually.

NGC 1027

First of the objects was NGC 1027, an open cluster in Cassiopeia near the area of Heart- and Soul -nebulas, 6 degrees SE from epsilon Cassiopeiae. I wrote following notes of this object:

Pretty rich and well concentrated open cluster. The cluster has large brightness range. Stars of the ccluster are centered on a single 7th magnitude star.

151019-20_NGC 1027
NGC 1027 observed with 10” Newton

NGC 7139

NGC 7139 is a small and faint planetary in the constellation of Cepheus, located 3 degrees to NE from alpha Cephei. Of this object, I wrote following notes:

A small, very faint planetary nebula. The nebula is barely visible without filter, it is just glimpsed at times with averted vision. With OIII the nebula is easy. No structure or details visible.

151019-20_NGC 7139
NGC 7139 observed with 10” Newton

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