Observing in Ulvila observatory 12./13.4.2016

Date: 12./13.04.2016
Time: 23:00-00:30
Observing site: Ulvila observatory, Finland
Instrument: C280/2750mm (11” Catadioptric)

NELM: 5.3
SQM: 20.26-20.45
Darkness of the background sky: 3
Seeing: 2
Transparency: –
Weather: Clear sky, calm, snow has already melted away, some mist, +4 C

Objects observed: NGC 5273, 4800, 4143, 4111, 4346

The night between 12th and 13th of April 2016 was going to be the last observing not for me in season 2015-2016. During that night, I was observing in Ulvila observatory, and during the night I observed 5 galaxies in constellation of Canes venatici. After having completed this session, my total amount of completed and published observations from this season is exactly 100.

During this  last night sthere was no snow on the ground anymore, but on the other hand, nights are already very short and darkness comes late. The observing conditions were roughly on a good average level in terms of Ulvila observatory, NELM 5.3 and SQM ~20.2-20.4.

NGC 5273

NGC 5273 is a small galaxy in Canes venatici, located 10 degrees SE from alpha Canum venaticorum. Of this object, I wrote following notes:

A small, faint galaxy, that is elongated in NE-SW direction, almost stellar.

160412-13_MGC 5273
NGC 5273 observed with 11” catadioptric.

NGC 4800

NGC 4800 is yet another faint galaxy in Canes Venatici, it is located 6,5 degrees NE from beta Canomu venaticorum. Of this galaxy, I wrote as follows:

A small, but pretty bright galaxy, the galaxy has rather stellar but faint core. The galaxy brightens towards the core. The galaxy is slightly oval shaped, and it’s long axis is in NE-SW direction. Easy one!

160412-13_NGC 4800
NGC 4800 observed with 11” catadioptric.

NGC  4143

NGC 4143 is a galaxy, that is located in westernmost part of the constellation, 4,5 degrees NW from beta Canum venaticorum. Of this galaxy, I wrote following notes:

A small, pretty bright, oval -shaped galaxy, long axis in N-S direction, the galaxy has a bright core. Pretty easy!

160412-13_NGC 4143
NGC 4143 observed with 11” catadioptric.

NGC 4111

NGC 4111 is a thin, edge on galaxy located in Canes venaticorum, in the westernmostt part of the constellation, just at the Canes venaticorum-Ursa major border. Of this galaxy, I wrtoe following notes:

A small and thin edge-on galaxy, the galaxy has almost stellar core, easy!

160412-13_NGC 4111
NGC 4111 observed with 11” catadioptric.

NGC 4346

NGC 4346  is a galaxy that is located near Messier 106, just less than a degree ESE from it. Of this galaxy, I wrote following notes:

A small, rather faint and thin galaxy, elongated in E-W direction, the galaxy has rather bright core.

160412-13_NGC 4346
NGC 4346 observed with 11” catadioptric.

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