2 comments on “Penumbral Lunar eclipse 16.9.2016

  1. Good report Juha and great images. Here on the east coast of the US we didn’t get to see it. Even if we could have it was overcast all night. Currently we are only getting about 2 clear nights a month here. We’re in that seasonal transitional phase from summer to fall (Autumn Equinox Sept.22) plus it’s hurricane season. (sigh). But I’m glad that you enjoyed it along with a friend.

  2. Thanks for commenting, Dan! Clouds have ruined many celestial events also here, for example transit of Venus 2012 and total Lunar eclipse of September 2015. But luckily I was able to observe this one! We have had quite many clear nights during this September 2016, but the late Autumn and early Winter tend to be more cloudy. We are also now transiting from Summer to Autumn, and it’s getting colder and cloudier from now on.

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