Penumbral Lunar eclipse 16.9.2016

Observed phenomena: Lunar eclipse
Type of eclipse: Penumbral Lunar eclipse
Type of observation: Positive
Date and time: 16.09.2016, 17:24-20:55 UT
Observing place: Turku, Finland
Observing conditions: Clear sky (1/8, only some clouds in southern horizon, but the clouds didn’t cause problems)
Observing instruments: Camera: Canon EOS 1100D, Telescope L80/400mm (3” refractor)

Penumbral Lunar eclipse of 16th of September 2016 was well visible from beginning to end in Turku, Finland. I was observing the event with Linda Laakso in Uittamo district of Turku.

This penumbral eclipse was deeper than the one in October of 2013. During this eclipse, the penumbral magnitude was 0,93 whereas in the eclipse of October 2013 it was only 0,79. The penumbra was obvious in photographs, and it was also weakly visible visually. Visually it became visible around 18 UT, about hour before maximum eclipse.

The penumbra was visible also through the finder of my camera (that was attached to my telescope), and through the finderscoope of the telescope and small binoculars. I also noted, that the penumbra was easier to observe through window glass, when the lights were on in the room. By doing this, window glass acted as a lunar filter and it helped to reduce the bright glare of the full Moon and to enhance contrast. In the photographs, the penumbra become also visible around 18 UT.

When photographing this event, I took the photos with exposure time of 1/160s (with ISO 100). I noticed, that most of the photos were overexposed, at least for the lower limb of the Moon. Nevertheless, I was able to enhance the contrast of the photos with Paint Shop Pro, and by doing so, to make the photos better. From this I got a reminder of the importance of using different exposure times when photographing the Moon or Lunar eclipses. It is possible then choose the best photos later.

But anyway, I’m happy and thankful for being able to witness this celestial event! The next event in the sky of Finland is in 11th of February 2017, and it’s going to be similar penumbral eclipse like this one.

Below you can see my photos from this penumbral eclipse:

Maximum eclipse @ 18:54 UT
A serie of photos demonstrating the progress of the eclipse. In the last photo, there were some Sc clouds in the sky partially obsuring the Moon, the clouds are visible as a darkening in the lower limb of the Moon.

2 thoughts on “Penumbral Lunar eclipse 16.9.2016

  1. Dan Acker September 17, 2016 / 23:30

    Good report Juha and great images. Here on the east coast of the US we didn’t get to see it. Even if we could have it was overcast all night. Currently we are only getting about 2 clear nights a month here. We’re in that seasonal transitional phase from summer to fall (Autumn Equinox Sept.22) plus it’s hurricane season. (sigh). But I’m glad that you enjoyed it along with a friend.

  2. Juha Ojanperä September 20, 2016 / 11:13

    Thanks for commenting, Dan! Clouds have ruined many celestial events also here, for example transit of Venus 2012 and total Lunar eclipse of September 2015. But luckily I was able to observe this one! We have had quite many clear nights during this September 2016, but the late Autumn and early Winter tend to be more cloudy. We are also now transiting from Summer to Autumn, and it’s getting colder and cloudier from now on.

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