Observing in Friitala 10./11.8.2016

Date: 10./11.08.2016
Time: 00:15-02:00
Observing site: Friitala, Ulvila, Finland
Instrument: N250/1200 (10” Newton)

NELM: 5.7
SQM: 20.14
Darkness of the background sky: 4
Seeing: 2
Transparency: –
Weather: Clear sky, windy, some high clouds, +12 C

Objects observed: NGC 7062, (variable stars)

The opening of deep sky observing season 2016-2017! The sky was still light, and there were some high clouds, but still I decided to start the deep sky season. Besides observing deep sky, I also observed variable stars in the early evening.

NGC 7062

During the night, I made only one deep sky observation, the object of my choice was NGC 7062, an open cluster in northern part of Cygnus, about 7° ENE from Deneb. Of this object, I wrote following notes:

@120x: A rather small, compact, pretty faint open cluster. The brightness range of the cluster appears to be considerably large, the cluster is well detached from it’s background.

NGC 7062 observed with 10” Newton

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