Observing in Leistilänjärvi 11./12.8.2016

Date: 11./12.08.2016
Time: 00:00-03:00
Observing site: Leistilänjärvi, Nakkila, Finland
Instrument: N250/1200 (10” Newton)

NELM: 5.7
SQM: 20.13
Darkness of the background sky: 4
Seeing: 2
Transparency: –
Weather: Partly cloudy sky, calm

Objects observed: NGC 1513

During night between 11./12.8.2016, we went out with my fellow astronomy friends to have a perseid party in Leistilänjärvi, Nakkila. During the night we were able to observe several perseid meteors, and besides this, also some distant lightnings!

NGC 1513

Besides observing perseid meteors, I also observed some variable stars and I also made one deep sky observing. The object of my choice was NGC 1513, an open cluster in Perseus, located halfway between mu and lambda Persei. Of this object I wrote following notes:

@120x: a rather small, poor cluster, the cluster is pretty well detached from it’s background, not very well concentrated. Most of the stars of the cluster appear to be in a ring-shape.

NGC 1513 observed with 10” Newton

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