Observing 2./3.9.2016 in Tähtikallio Observatory

Date: 02./03.09.2016
Time: 00:00-04:00
Observing site: Tähtikallio Observatory, Finland
Instrument: N910/3680 mm (36” Folded-Newton)

NELM: 6.6
SQM: 21.20 – 21.05
Darkness of the background sky: 1
Seeing: 2
Transparency: –
Weather: Clear sky, calm, pretty warm

Objects observed: NGC 7128, NGC 7044, 6823 and 6543 + IC 4677

Between 2nd and 3rd of September of 2016, I was observing in Tähtikallio Observatory during the annual Finnish Deep Sky Meeting. During the night, conditions were rather good, and I made three observations with my own 10” Dobson. Besides this, I made also one observation with the 36” Astrofox monster of Tähtikallio Observatory!

Group photo of the annual Finnish Deep Sky Meeting 2016

NGC 7128

My first object of the night was NGC 7128, a small open cluster located in northernmost part of Cygnus, only 5,5 degrees SW from epsilon Cephei. Of this object I wrote following notes:

@120x: a small, compact, open cluster stars roughly in a shape of a ring. Quite well detached.

NGC 7128 observed with 10” Newton

NGC 7044

My second object of this session was NGC 7044, yet another open cluster in northernmost Cygnus, just 6 degrees SE from Deneb. Of this object, I wrote following notes:

@120x: a small, very faint open cluster, the cluster is mostly visible only as a faint glow. Some individual stars can be seen with averted vision.

NGC 7044 observed with 10” Newton

NGC 6823

My third object of this night was NGC 6823, an open cluster in the constellation of Vulpecula, the Fox. I wrote following note from my observation:

@120x: a rather small open cluster, the cluster is pretty well detached, not very concenrated or compact though, the cluster has large brightness range.

NGc 6823 observed with 10” Newton

NGC 6543 + IC 4677

After having observed three objects with my own Newton, I decided to try observing something with the gigantic 36” Astrofox of Tähtikallio Observatory. There was me and also some other people at the observatory dome of the Astrofox, and we were casually observing some common objects. But one of the objects during the night was the famous Cat eye -nebula, NGC 6543 in the constellation of Draco. I had observed this object already in 2008, but it was interesting to give it a look with this mighty telescope! This time I was able to see much more of this object when compared with my previous observation of this object with my 10” Newton. This time I was able to see this object as an oval-shaped nebula with bright and easy central star! Besides this, I was able to spot an interesting feature in this nebula, the most notable brightening in the outer shell of this nebula, IC 4677, was visible as a faint wisp of light just NW from the nebula itself! It was the first time for me to see this detail of the nebula.

The view was stunning, I have to admit, but the only downside was the poor collimation of this instrument, because of this, stars weren’t totally sharp and the view was a little bit fuzzy. But anyway, it was worth visiting! Of this object, I jotted down followin notes:

@455x: NGC 6543 was visible as an oval-shaped, very bright nebula, the long axis of the nebula is in NE-SW -orientation. Central star is very easy to see. IC 4677, which is part of the outer envelope of the nebula, is visible as a faint, irregular-shaped, nebulous patch less than 2′ west from NGC 6543. Some hint of a turquoise colour is weakly visible around the center of the nebula

NGC 6543 and IC 4677 observed with 36” Newton

One thought on “Observing 2./3.9.2016 in Tähtikallio Observatory

  1. astrojaws February 5, 2017 / 17:32

    Cats eye nebula was so stunning with the “Astrofox”. I got good memories of that!

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