Observing 28./29.3.2017 in Ulvila Observatory

Date: 28./29.3.2017
Time: 22:00-00:00
Observing site: Ulvila Observatory, Finland
Instrument: C280/2750 mm (11” Catadioptric)

SQM: 20.6
Darkness of the background sky: 3
Seeing: 2
Transparency: –
Weather: Clear sky, calm, no Moon, no snow, 0C, aurora belt/arc in northern sky

Objects observed: NGC 4151, 4156

During this night I was again at Ulvila observatory. During the night, there was again the weekly club meeting of Porin Karhunvartijat. After most people had left, I stayed at the observatory with couple of my astro friends. We were casually observing some common objects, and I was able to do one proper observation. This time I observed NGC 4151 and 4156 in Canes Venatici.

NGC 4151 and 4156

My main target was NGC 4151, a barred spiral galaxy located in Canes Venatici. The object is classified as SBab R. This object is located about 5 degrees SW from beta CVi. In the same field with this galaxy, there was also a smaller and fainter galaxy, NGC 4156. This SBb galaxy is located only 5′ NE from 4151. Of these two I wrote following notes:

@165x: two galaxies in the field: NGC 4151 and 4156. NGC 4151 is the brightest of these two, it is rather bright and slightly oval-shaped, the galaxy has a bright, stellar core. NGC 4156: this galaxy appears as faint, diffuse featureless patch of light.

170328-29_NGC 4151-4156
NGC 4151 and 4156 observed with 11” Catadioptric

After having observed NGC 4151, I had observed every galaxy in Canes Venatici that are listed in Herschel 400!

This observing session was my third in March 2017 and second last in season 2016-2017. So I still had one more observing session before summer break. I’ll write more about that later!


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