Welcome to Celestial Sphere! This is my site/blog about my astronomical pursuits!

I’m a Finnish amateur astronomer, astro junkie and skywatcher living in Ulvila, Finland. I’m interested almost everything between the Earth’s Troposphere and the objects of the deep space.

As an amateur astronomer, I’m solely a visual observer. I’m interested in all kinds of astronomical phenomena and objects, but currently I’m focusing on visual deep sky observing. Besides this, I may occasionally observe some rare and exceptional atmospheric phenomena, and I also try to observe all eclipses and transits that are observable in Finland.

I’m also a member in several astronomical associations and organizations, which currently are as follows:

  • Ursa Astronomical association, Finland (member since 1995)
    • Editor in chief of Zeniitti -online amateur astronomy magazine
    • Director of Deep sky -interest group within Ursa
    • Director of the Atmospheric optics -interest group within Ursa
  • Porin Karhunvartijat (a local astronomy club in city of Pori, Western Finland, member since 1998)
    • President of the club
  • AAVSO (member since 2015)
  • BAA (member since 2015)

On this site you can find posts about my observations and association activities, that I have been engaged in. On this site, you can also find information about my observing instruments, observing sites and you can also have a look at my astronomical sketch galleries.

Hopefully I can share some experiences and tips for you, that could be interesting and beneficial for other observers!


  • All observations made by Juha Ojanperä, unless stated otherwise
  • Copyright of all photos and sketches © Juha Ojanperä, unless stated otherwise.
  • All observations presented on this blog have been made in Finland, unless stated otherwise.

I hope you enjoy your visit here on my site!

Juha Ojanperä


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