Thoughts about January and February 2014

Hello everyone!

Early 2014 (January and February) have been extremely busy time for me. I’m currently working on my M.Sc. thesis, and it should be finished in March-April. Besides this, I have had many other urgent projects going on.

From astronomical point of view, early 2014 hasn’t offered me much. There was a supernova in Messier 82, but I just wasn’t able to observe it. I have also fallen off my variable star observing program. I hope that I could start observing again at least in late spring 2014 before white nights of summer.

During this winter we pretty much haven’t had winter at all here in Turku, Finland. In December, we had snow only for a week, but then it all melted away. In Janary we had snow and cold temperatures, but it ended in mid February, when it started raining and snow melted all away! Currently when I’m writing this, we don’t have any snow on the ground here in Turku, and it’s like +5 C, so not very arctic..

Because I haven’t had much opportunities to observe anything, there isn’t much to write about. Hopefully I could make some observations in March and April again, and then I would have something to write about..

But nevertheless, good early spring for you all!