Penumbral Lunar eclipse 10/.11.2.2017 was not visible because of clouds

Observed phenomena: Lunar eclipse
Type of eclipse: Penumbral Lunar eclipse
Type of observation: Negative
Date and time: 10./11.02.207, 22:30-01:00 UT
Observing place: Turku, Finland
Observing conditions: Totally cloudy sky during my whole observing session, 8/8
Observing instruments: Camera: Canon EOS 1100D

I was not able to observe this penumbral Lunar eclipse because of thick and persistent cloudcover that prevented me to see the eclipse. The cloudcover was a bit thinner before the beginning of the eclipse, and I was able to see the Moon through the clouds, but the clouds got thicker before the onset of the eclipse, and it was totally cloudy from the beginning of the eclipse until maximum eclipse, when I gave up observing. And I have a very good reason to assume, that it was cloudy also from the maximum eclipse to the end of the eclipse.

Here is a photo that I took for documenting purposes:

It was totally cloudy during the maximum eclipse @ ~00:45 UT.