Aurora borealis and thoughts about November

Northern lights were dancing over lake Kuusamo 7.-8.11.2014
Northern lights were dancing over lake Kuusamo 7.-8.11.2014

In ten days ago (7.-8.11.2014), I observed nice northern lights in Kuusamo town. Weather was quite crispy during the night, temperature was about -15 degrees below zero! Sky wasn’t very dark during my observing session, almost full Moon was shining in the sky, and also the lights of the town were interfering the show of the northern lights.

Now I have spent two and half months here in Kuusamo! During this time an idea about starting up a northern lights tour -company has been growing in my mind! So far there hasn’t been any such companies in this region, and this place is a hot spot of winter tourism, and northern lights are one attracting factor in this region! So there could be demand for such activities as northern ligths viewing and photography tours in this region!

This winter has so far been an ‘on-off’ winter, there has been colder periods with snow and cold weather, but then it has been raining and all snow has melted away, and temperature has been several degrees above zero! Right now temperature is couple of degrees below zero, and it’s snowing! And there is now some snow on the ground too! So perhaps the winter is finally coming to Kuusamo now!