Happy Birthday Celestial Sphere!

Exactly 10 years ago, on 29th of June 2008 I started my first incarnation of this blog! So it’s already 10th birthday of Celestial Sphere! It’s amazing, I can’t believe, I’m still active and running this blog, wow!

Since the beginning of this blog, many things have changed. In the beginning I wrote in Finnish on Blogspot, but then I moved my blog to WordPress and started blogging in english. Also the appearance and style of this blog has changed many times over the years. But what remains, is my passion for amateur astronomy, atmospherical phenomena and blogging!

Many thanks for all of you who have stayed with me during these years! I’m sure, there will be many more ahead!



Celestial Sphere Updated! And some changes to observing programs

10x50 binoculars

Hello Everyone!

As you might notice, Celestial Sphere looks different, and it is true, Celestial Sphere has got a facelift and it has been significantly updated!

First of all, the layout has been updated. Besides this, I have also added some new pages and menu items to main menu of this site. I have promoted some pages to top level, promoted pages are: Solar system sketches and Deep sky sketches. New menu items are: Dark sky observing sessions, Variable stars, Eclipses, Transits and also Atmospheric phenomena. These menu items consists mostly of my blog posts related to these categories and something else too!

I have also made some tough decisions and changes in my observing priorities. I have finally been able to choose what I will be observing after finishing my current visual deep sky observing programs. After considering it for a good while, I decided, that I will come back to my visual variable star observing program. And actually I have decided to re-start variable star observing immediately! I’m going to be observing same set of 10 stars that I was observing in Autumn of 2016. I have decided, that I will finish Caldwell-, Hidden treasures-, and Herschel 400 -observing lists, I will fully focus on variable star observing, but I still may sometimes do some visual deep sky observing.

And then there is a thing that I’m already very excited about: in order to be able to finish Caldwell- and Hidden treasures observing lists, I need to travel somewhere to Southern hemisphere to observe all of the southern objects in these lists. And I could have a chance to travel to Australia in October 2018 to observe the southern Caldwell- and Hidden Treasure -objects! And of course I want to see the Magellanic clouds, Southern Milky Way and all other Celestial wonders visible only in the Southern Hemisphere! After this trip, I would have finished Caldwell- and Hidden treasures catalogues. There still would be some southern objects to be observed in Herschel 400 list, but I would observe them sometimes in future.

The trip to Australia will be a dream come true -thing for me, and I’m already looking forward to it very much! But I’m going to write about that a little bit later.

Then about why I decided to switch priorities and observing programs again. This decision is one of the most difficult ones I have had to do in my life, because I so much love both deep sky- and variable star observing! I have been struggling with this decision, but there has been one factor in this decision making process, that has helped me to do the choice.

That factor is the fact, that by observing variable stars I can contribute to science of astronomy and to help astronomers now and in future to study and understand the stars better. By observing variable stars, I’m making a such contribution, that will greatly benefit a much larger group of people and bigger purpose than if I was just observing deep sky object just for (my own) fun. Deep sky observations of course can deliver lots of fun and enjoyment for me and possibly for someone else too, but I have a feeling within myself, that I feel that it is important for me to participate in variable star science by making my own contribution to the science in form of my own observations.

So that’s why I have made this switch in priorities for now. From now on, I’m going to be focusing on my visual variable star observing program, which consists of the same stars, that I was observing in Autumn of 2016. I hope I can stick to this decision, and variable stars will always be my number one form now on. I still of course might occasionally do some deep sky observing too, but only if I have done all variable star observing for the week.

There would be also so much other things I could write about. But I think that’s all for now, keep on observing and clear skies to you!


Happy 9th birthday, Celestial Sphere!


So, this is the 9th birthday of Celestial Sphere!

I started blogging about my amateur astronomy hobby on 29th of June 2008, since then, I have been running this blog almost continuously! The first incarnation of this blog was on Blogspot, and it was called Taivaanpallo. Back then I was still writing in Finnish, but I changed to English in 2010. In 2011, I moved my blog to WordPress, and I have been blogging in here since then!

Big thank you for all of you who have supported me by comments, likes and other forms of interaction, I appreciate it very much!


The 8th birthday of Celestial Sphere

Wow, time is flying! I just realised, that I have been blogging already for 8 years about astronomy! I started this blog on 29th of June 2008, or actually it wasn’t this blog but the first form it took. Back then I was blogging in Finnish, but I changed to English in 2010 and the name of the blog was Taivaanpallo (Finnish for Celestial Sphere)

Keeping this blog up and running has been very rewarding thing to do. I hope that I have been able to share something also to you! Thank you for all regular and irregular readers for comments, likes and all other forms of interaction, I appreciate it infinitely!