Focus, focus, focus

During past four or five years my interest in within astronomy and related fields have spread out enormously! I have been observing deep sky, variable stars, atmospheric phenomea, satellites, Sun, Moon, Planets, comets, meteors etc. This has been fun, but also quite energy and time consuming. I am now in a new situation in my life, and I have started in a new job. This job won’t let me stay up as much as I would want to, and it means that I have less time available. And besides this, I also have many other projects going on and all kinds of things in life which are demanding my time and energy.

Because of this situation, I have decided to narrow down my observing program and to focus mainly to visual observing of variable stars and deep sky. Especially visual deep sky observing has always been a very important aspect of my amateur astronomy hobby, and perhaps I could say, that it is the core interest and activity for me within amateur astronomy! Variable star observing is also very interesting and also scientifically useful! It is also very fascinating and motivating to observe these objects because I know, that it has some real use for science!

Also one thing that helped me to do this difficult decision was the fact, that numbers of visual observation in variable stars and deep sky are declining. I have always been a visual observer, and I decided that mayby I should try everything I can to continue the long tradition of visual astronomical observing! I decided, that even if everyone else jumps into the pretty pictures -wagon or just quits visual observing for whatever reason, I will still carry on visual observing as long as I can!

It means that from now on I won’t observe atmospheric phenomena or solar system etc as much as until now. I will be focusing my energy and effort into variable star and deep sky observing!

So let there be some graphite on paper!

Open cluster NGC 457 in the constellation of Cassiopeia - one of my favourite deep sky objects!
Open cluster NGC 457 in the constellation of Cassiopeia – one of my favourite deep sky objects!