Bright halo display 7th of May 2014

Observed phenomena: Halo phenomena
Light source: Sun
Origin: High clouds (cirrostratus)
Observed halo forms:

  • 22° halo
  • Parhelia
  • 22° tangent arcs (circumscribed halo)
  • 46° halo
  • Infralateral arc
  • Parhelic circle
  • Wegener antisolar arc

Date: 7.5.2014
Time: 11:10-12:35
Observing place: Turku, Finland
Observing method: Photography
Technical information about photographing equipment: Canon EOS 1100D, Samyang 8mm fish-eye

A bright all-sky halo display was observed in Turku, Finland in 7th of May 2014. This display was dominated by halo forms originating from columnar crystals. In this display, 22° arcs were bright and well developed, and they formed a circumscribed halo around the Sun. A full parheluic circle was circling the whole sky. Also both infralateral arcs were visible. This halo display had also an almost full Wegener antisolar arc, and this was the second time for me to observe this rare halo form! This was a really fantastic celestial display to observe!