November things

November 2013 is soon over, and I haven’t made any post to this blog during this month. So I thought, that I’ll make this post to summary few thoughts about this November from astronomical point of view.

Few words about observing conditions: mostly this November seemed to be quite a crappy month, it has been mostly cloudy, but there has also been few sunny days and also some clear nights! In November, we had some random snow showers in 24th of November. That day it was cold and very windy, and we had some isolated snow showers. Albeit the snow showers, much of snow didn’t pile up on the ground. After that day, there was an extremely thin and discontinuous layer of snow, but it all melted away after two days, when it was raining.

And then something about observations: in November 2013, I made 52 variable star observations, which is one more than in October! This is very surprising fact, considering the poor observing conditions during November! In November, I made also my personal observing activity record of this year, during this month I made more observations than ever before this year!

In november I didn’t do much other observing besides variable star observing. Nevertheless, I observed and sketched comet C/2013 R1 (Lovejoy) in the last night of November (31.11./1.12.2013).

Comet ISON appears to be disintegrated at least to some extent. Currentlt the condition of the comet is still unclear, but I’m sure we will know more in the first days of December. I haven’t been able to observe the comet so far, but I will try to observe it in December, if it hasn’t disintegrated totally!

So, that was November 2013, and only one month of this year is remaining..I’m expecting that month to be really interesting astronomically!


One thought on “November things

  1. Alex Autin December 1, 2013 / 04:43

    Hope you have a stellar December!

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