Observing season 2016-2017

So, observing season 2016-2017 is now finally over! During the season, I was mostly working on my visual deep sky observing/sketching program. Besides this, I was also doing some visual variable star observing during Autumn 2016, but I had to give that up because of too much workload and other things that were demanding my time and energy. Since that, my variable star observing program has been on hold.

But I was able to do quite many visual deep sky observations! When I’m observing, I’m using a cardboard form made by deep sky section of Finnish Ursa astronomical association for sketching and recording the observation. During the season, I completed 86 of cardboard forms like these, though not all of them were unique deep sky object observations. One of these was a comet observation and 2 were unplanned duplicate observations. So I was able to complete 83 cardboard forms with at least one new object! The number of new objects observed for this season is larger than that, but I haven’t been counting objects, but instead of that the number of completed cardboard forms. Each cardboard form counts as one ‘observation’, which may consist of several objects in the field, typically 1 to 4. So when counting like this, the number of new, unique deep sky observations for me last season was 83.

My pile of completed deep sky observation cardboard forms from season 2016-2017

Here you can see some statistics:

  • Number of new, unique observations: 83
  • Number of observing sessions: 25
  • Number of observations per observing session on average: 3,32
  • Total observing time: 59h 00min 00s
  • Best NELM recorder: 6.6
  • Best SQM meter reading recorder: 21.36

Number of observing sessions in my observing sites:

  1. Ulvila observatory, 11 sessions
  2. Stormälö, Parainen, 6 sessions
  3. Leistilänjärvi, Nakkila, 4 sessions
  4. Friitala, Ulvila, 1 session
  5. Koski, Kullaa, 1 session
  6. Saarijärvi, Lavia, 1 session
  7. Tähtikallio observatory, 1 session

Number of sessions with my instruments:

  1. 10” Newton, 15 ½ sessions
  2. 11” Catadioptric in Ulvila observatory, 9 sessions
  3. 36” Folded-Newton (Astrofox) in Tähtikallio observatory, ½ sessions

half sessions: ½ because during one session I used half of the time 10” Newton and other half of the time 36” Folded-Newton of Tähtikallio observatory

So, that was the statistics for this season. Next season will be beginning in the later half of August 2017. Then I will carry on observing my visual deep sky program, especially Herschel 400 list. I hope, that I could also finish Caldwell- and Hidden treasures -lists, at least to the extent it is possible from Finnish latitudes.

Thank you for staying with me during this season, see you again in August 2017!


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